Pre-Transaction Prep & Post-Merger Integration

Private Equity Firms & Independent Sponsors

Post merger integration: We provide GAAP and audit expertise to address accounting issues in new platform or add-on acquisitions and streamline financial reporting with other companies in the portfolio.


Reduce overhead costs by avoiding costly accounting errors resulting in unaccrued expenses, bank charges and audit fee overruns.


We work with your existing management team and accounting department to help prepare the company for a process. While your existing accounting team may be great and loyal, let’s face it: going through a transaction is not something they’ve done. We can help prepare your financials and your team before outside due diligence teams start looking and help avoid costly surprises and delays.


Liaison with external auditors and due diligence teams to minimize the distraction on accounting and C Suite personnel while matching the external auditors’ skillset to better answer and address requests and questions.

We can help you get where you want to be.