Audit Readiness

As auditors ourselves, we often are courted by companies that need to undergo an audit for the first time. We understand that the audit process can be daunting if you’re accounting team is not accustomed to it. First-year audits typically are very frustrating for executives and accounting staff, they often take longer than expected, and audit firms bill for budget overruns. For those reasons, we offer audit readiness services. We assist your team with preparing the requested schedules and acting as a liaison between your accounting department and the audit firm, thereby minimizing the impact on your business. Your accounting team will be able to stay on track with monthly reporting and you’ll have fewer surprises during the audit process and likely little or no audit adjustments. This means your audit team should be able to stay on budget and you’ll be able to control the cost.

Cross Border / International Consulting

Your business knows no boundaries…neither does ours. Over the years we’ve assisted international clients to do business across our country and domestic clients do business around the world. We’ve helped our clients with assurance, tax, banking, M&A transactions, financial reporting, and operational issues.

Special Situations

Can you think of a time when you wish you had an extra pair of hands? Perhaps it’s quarter or year-end and you’ve just closed on an acquisition and the books are a mess, or perhaps your CFO’s background is in banking and you’re preparing for an exit. Whatever the case, we can help.

Fraud and Forensics

We regularly consult with companies on implementing fraud prevention strategies, best practices, policies, and procedures that are appropriate for your size business. What works for large companies doesn’t work for small and mid-sized businesses. We provide realistic solutions for our clients. Our experience also covers fraud and forensic investigations, and expert witness services.

We can help you get where you want to be.